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Take Insight to Action with ResNet's Task Management Solution
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Are tasks, jobs, and projects managed effectively, and completed on time?
Do you have transparent communication across your organization?

Take Insight to Action

In today's fast-paced business environment, efficient issue management is crucial for maintaining productivity and staying on top of tasks. With ResNet's innovative Issue Management solution, creating, assigning, and tracking issues has never been easier.

What are ‘Issues’?

Issues in the context of asset and operations are management are defined as: ‘any type of work or knowledge that we want to track or talk about’.

We see a lot of operators today with great data. We see many operators with great dashboards. But are you infusing your data and dashboards with dialogue? Do you have crystal clear transparency into who’s doing what, when, how, and why?

Tracking things in e-mails, Teams, and text messages, or even Excel is OK, but does not provide the transparency to the entire organization that we require to measure and ensure proper execution of the myriad of operational issues that teams are focused on today.

In an effort to combat the ‘Disparate System’ or ‘Tool Fatigue’ problem - ResNet’s Issue Management system leverages an agnostic solution to the problem where work orders, inspections, incidents, or even broad diagnostics or projects can all be tracked from one singular, modular, and customizable system.

Issue Types...Defined:

Tasks: analogous to work orders, these are any “discrete and well-defined work” to be completed.

Inspections: these are any “examination of equipment, facilities, or processes to ensure compliance with regulations, identify potential hazards, or assess operational integrity”

Busts: analogous to spill and incident reporting, these are any “unplanned events or accidents” that we wish to document and memorialize

Cases: typically for technical office-workers, these are “any broader operational issue, thread, inquiry, or project” that we wish to document and memorialize for the business

Issue Types and the overall classification and schema are completely modular and customizable. Want to carve out Permits/Permits-to-Work? Great! You can do that in a few simple clicks.

So What?

In today’s day and age, most organizations are actively focused on digitally evolving their IT tech stacks and operational processes.

More advanced organizations are investigating ways to leverage AI to automate surveillance and edge-device control.

While this is great, one core deficiency missing from a lot of organizations is one singular place to document, track, and manage these Issues through time. How can we train AI to act as a co-pilot with a sufficiently and well-organized database of events? Work orders?

What about when these systems are highly disparate in nature, requiring significant data engineering efforts to consolidate and organize?

While the first step in any organization’s Digital Evolution is democratizing their data - the second step, and often most overlooked, is democratizing your dialogue in order to ensure effective communication.

Now What?

Tired of making 10, 20, 1,000+ clicks to get something done? Is this why you’re still managing work orders and general issues in e-mail, text, and excel today?

This is where mature, professional built software comes into play. ResNet Issue Management solution leverages the best design system in O&G tech today, ensuring that any mobile feature is 1-2 clicks away, and every flow can be completed in <30 seconds or less.

Couple that with improved features to visualize and manage your Issues in real-time, such as Kanban boarding, or Gantt chart scheduling - gone are the days of spending dozens and hundreds of hours to try something out new that just doesn’t get the adoption you need to ensure success.

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