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Are you making the most of AI with your ERP Software?

The industry is abuzz with talk about 'ML' and 'AI,' but for anyone in production engineering or data science who has experience with predictive analytics projects, the reality is clear: the data is often lacking. In many cases, there's a noticeable absence of scalable solutions to effectively handle ongoing data collection initiatives.


ResNet Offers:

πŸ–ΌοΈ Instant Insights:

Among the various enhancements to our platform, ResNet AI-powered image and document classifications automatically categorizes and organizes your documents, making visual data effortlessly searchable.

  • Simplify the process of locating documents and/or inspections you may require in the future.
  • Streamline the scalability of (future) productionized AI and predictive analytics capabilities.

As for training the data, we've turned it into a game. Receive rewards for contributing to the calibration and fine-tuning of your company's data collection initiatives.


πŸ” Efficiency Redefined:

No more digging through files. ResNet ensures quick access to critical visual data, streamlining your workflow. All visual data is searchable.

Teamwork makes the dream work! Gamified data classification and training reinforces system classifications to remain ever-green.


πŸ’‘ Seamless Workflow:

Easily document, query, and relate equipment issues, assess site conditions, conduct inspections, and set a bedrock of cohesive knowledge management system built for production operations.


🌐 Social Impact:

#MidlandOverMoscow #MarcellusOverMoscow #UticaForUkraine

Our goal is to help US E&P operators stay ultra-competitive in the ever rapidly changing Great Energy Transition. US and Canada O&G is the cleanest, most socially responsible, affordable, and reliable Energy on the planet - let’s #UnleashUSEnergy on the world stage.


πŸš€ What's Next:

Our commitment to innovation and passion for energy continues. Stay tuned and follow us for more updates!

"There is a lot of buzz about 'ML' and 'AI' in the industry. But as any production engineer knows, or any data scientist that has actually worked on some of these predictive analytics projects knows as well: the data isn't really there. And there really isn't a scalable solution to manage ongoing data collection initiatives in a lot of these cases.
We've got a solution for you. Just one of the many add-ons to the platform, our AI image and document classifications are always categorizing and organizing these documents for you.

  • this makes it super easy to find things you might need in the future
  • this makes it really easy to scale productionized AI and predictive analytics in the future

training the data?we've gamified. get rewarded for helping calibrate and fine tune your company's opportunistic data collection initiatives.

This is just one of the many tools at engineer's fingertips on the ResNet platform.


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