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In the ever-evolving landscape of energy solutions, adaptability and forward thinking are paramount. At ResNet, we recognize the importance of staying ahead of the curve and continuously meeting the changing needs of our clients. Over the past year, we have been dedicated to driving innovation and enhancing our Shalennial platform and services to deliver unparalleled value. Our unwavering commitment to the future and our clients has fueled a series of groundbreaking advancements that are set to reshape the industry.

APRIL 2023

• Issue Approvals

Introducing New Issue Approvals System to streamline auditing processes.

This new functionality is designed to help users streamline their approval processes by allowing issues to be approved by their colleagues and superiors before being marked as Done or Complete.

With the new Approvals section added to Issues, users can now specify whether or not a particular issue requires approval. This component is similar to the Assign and Relate sections, and users can select People (and in near-future Forms) as the Objects for approval.‍To make the process more flexible, users can select multiple People or Forms for approvals in order specify how the process should be handled. *Custom Forms coming soon *

‍Multiple Levels of Approval can be defined - making this system extremely simple, flexible, and robust to use.

Once an issue is moved to IN REVIEW, the ResNet Bot posts a message indicating that Approvals are required from specific individuals or forms. Approvers can then hit the Approve or Decline button, and the Bot will comment on the post to memorialize who has approved or declined.

When the Approval Rules have been satisfied, the ResNet Bot again posts that Approval Rules have been satisfied, and the Issue may be moved to Done or Complete.‍This feature idea was brought to us by our users in Houston, TX, and we’re excited to introduce this new feature to our users! We understand that auditing processes can be time-consuming and/or clunky at times, and we believe that this new functionality will help streamline the process and make it easier for our users to get their work done.

Overall, ResNet's new Issue Approvals feature is a valuable addition to the platform, and one that is sure to make auditing processes more efficient and effective.•

• Post Pinning

MARCH 2023

• Mobile Light Mode

We're thrilled to announce the launch of Light Mode, a fresh and vibrant new interface option for the ResNet WellTender mobile app. In addition to the visual makeover, Light Mode also includes several other benefits:

  • Enhanced Visibility:The lighter color scheme improves text and icon visibility, making it easier to read and navigate the app, especially in bright lighting conditions.
  • Improved User Experience:The clean and minimalistic design of Light Mode enhances the overall usability and user experience of the app, making it more intuitive and efficient to use.

Switching to Light Mode is easy! Simply go to ‘Appearance’ underneath your User Profile settings and select the Light Mode option to enjoy the new look and feel.

We value your feedback and are constantly working to enhance the ResNet WellTender app. We hope you enjoy the new Light Mode as much as we do!To make the process more flexible, users can select multiple People or Forms for approvals in order specify how the process should be handled. *Custom Forms coming soon *

•  Integration Hub: Monitor and Manage Your Data Integrations with Ease

Announcing the latest addition to our platform - Integration Hub! With Integration Hub, you can now effortlessly observe the current integrations and statuses of your integration systems, processes, and pipelines, all in one interface.

•  Stay Informed with Real-time Status and Health Information

Integration Hub provides you with real-time status and health information of your data integrations and pipelines. You can easily track the progress of your integration systems and processes, ensuring that they are running smoothly and efficiently. With a comprehensive overview of your integrations, you can quickly identify and resolve any issues that may arise, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

•  Monitor Shalennial Analytics Apps/Services

Integration Hub also allows you to view the status, health, and pertinent information of Shalennial Analytics Apps/Services. You can easily monitor the performance of your analytics applications and services, ensuring that they are delivering accurate and up-to-date insights to drive informed decision-making.

•  Download/Install Plugins for Seamless Integration

Integration Hub makes it easy for admin users to download and install plugins for various integrations, such as Microsoft Outlook + Teams plug-in, Adjust Analytics Embedding Engine settings, and more. You can seamlessly integrate your preferred plugins into your existing systems and processes, enhancing the functionality and performance of your integrations.

•  Effortless Adjustment of Integration Settings

Integration Hub provides a user-friendly flow for Admin users to adjust pertinent and necessary integration settings. For example, you can easily configure internal Spotfire Server and Power BI embedding information, and adjust 'Health' settings to ensure that your production historian has data as of a specific number of days from the current date.

•  Optimize Your Data Integrations with Integration Hub

Integration Hub is your one-stop solution for monitoring and managing your data integrations. With real-time status and health information, easy plugin installation, and seamless adjustment of integration settings, Integration Hub empowers you to optimize your data integration processes and ensure smooth and efficient data flow across your organization. Upgrade to Integration Hub today and unlock the full potential of your data integrations!

•  Map Layers (Terrain, Satellite)


• Campaign Management

We're pumped 🦍 to announce the launch of ResNet's new Campaign Management feature! Understand collections of Issues organized by Operational Initiative in one place. See real-time visual progress bars and understand immediately - Are We Winning? Here's a look at what you can expect with this release:

Core Features:

  • Campaign Builder: Create and manage Campaign objects to organize collections of Issues, categorized by specific Operational Initiatives.
  • Campaign Objects: Collections and organizations of Issues by specific Operational Initiatives
  • Campaign Sub-Features:
    - Integrated Issue Management.
    - “Dialogue Windows” into all Issues, or specific to the Campaign itself (solving many-to-one Operational Organizational problems)
    - Analytics for real-time progress monitoring.
Analytics Tools:
  • Burnup Chart: View the performance of emergent or recurring Issues over time.
  • Burndown Chart: Track the progress of planned and scheduled Issues, such as major turnarounds.
  • Velocity Report: Measure the average work order efficiency trends through time.
•  Improved Attachments

Innovation lies at the heart of our ethos. We firmly believe that standing still is not an option. As technology evolves and market dynamics shift, we understand the imperative to adapt and evolve alongside them. This is why, at ResNet, we have made significant strides to bolster our solutions and product, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the industry.


• User & Security Access Roles Management

Our new User Management and Roles feature provides Admin Role type users with the ability to control Access + Features for individual users. We also provide a user-friendly UI/UX that allows for easy and intuitive controls. This feature will improve the user experience, increase security, and better enable clients to meet their IT/CyberSecurity requirements while still providing a great user experience.

• New Website Design


• Offline 2.0

We're excited to announce the release of  Improved Offline Mode 2.0 (of 3), which allows users to access the application and capture data even when they're in a no network zones. This means that users can continue to work and make updates to the app, even when they're offline.

One of the key improvements in Offline Mode 2.0 is the ability to mutate data. This allows users to make changes to the app and save them, even when they're not connected to the internet. There is enhanced local storage configurations and feature availability, as well as the ability to engage with dialogue feeds.

Overall, Offline Mode 2.0 is a major step forward in terms of accessibility and reliability. We believe it will be a valuable addition to the app for all of our users.

• Issue Quick Filtering

New Dialogue filtering in the Activity Centers allows quick filtering by issue type, date, and campaign. This will allow information to be accessible in just a few clicks.

• Profile Redesign

The new design is cleaner and more modern, and it includes a number of additional features and details to enhance the user experience.

Some of the key improvements include:

  • A more streamlined layout that makes it easier to find and access the information you need
  • New functionality that allows you to view and update your account details more easily


• Custom sub-issue type form builder

Need to build your own custom sub-issue form similar to popular tools like Smartsheet, Quickbase, or Salesforce? We got you. Introducing our new custom sub-issue type form fill builder. Now you don’t need to reach out to ResNet to build it for you, build it yourself to standardize your own issue management and field data collection processes. Don’t worry though, if you still want us to build it for you, we’ll always have you covered!

• Master Global Search

Our relentless pursuit of innovation has yielded remarkable results. We have harnessed cutting-edge technologies, leveraged extensive industry insights, and worked closely with our clients to identify their evolving needs. The outcome is a suite of groundbreaking enhancements that empower our clients to achieve new levels of efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.


• Field Dispatch Console

Get the right person to the right job at the right time.

This powerful solution provides real-time operator location tracking, asset health monitoring, satellite views, operator traffic analysis, and asset location mapping. It empowers operators with unprecedented visibility and control, enabling smarter decision-making, optimized asset performance, and streamlined field operations.

Key Features:
- Real-Time Operator Location Tracking
- Asset Health Monitoring
- Satellite Views
- Operator Traffic Analysis
- Asset Location Mapping
Enhanced Safety (with Real-Time windshield time monitoring and reporting + automated Lone Worker features)
- Optimized Asset Performance
- Streamlined Operations
- Improved Resource Allocation

Join the industry leaders in embracing the Enhanced Field Dispatch Console and take your energy operations to new heights.

• Microsoft Teams Integration
• Spotfire and Power BI Integrations for enhanced analytics


• Gamification MVP

ResNet has created a platform that charts user's personal performance and progress in their company, rewards and recognizes their accomplishments, empowers creativity in the field, and gives users ownership of their projects. The platform also includes personal stats, platform achievements, and daily challenges that encourage engagement, improve data collection, and help users optimize their field service operations.

• Personal Stats
• Achievements
• Daily Challenges


• Offline Mode

Offline mode is live! Log routes via the mobile anytime, anywhere. We’ve got you covered. Other Essentials feature capabilities include opening/logging into the app, and caching any Issues/Assets/Feeds accessed with network connectivity.

Additional offline mode features coming later this year include: Synchronization & Scheduling, Data Mutations (creating new records, adding documents, etc.), and an improved Field Dispatch Console UI/UX.

As we move forward, ResNet remains steadfast in our dedication to innovation and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the energy sector. We recognize that the future is not a distant concept; it is a continuous journey that demands constant adaptation and improvement. By continuously enhancing our energy platform, we empower our clients to navigate the ever-changing landscape with confidence and seize new opportunities.

JULY 2022

• Microsoft Outlook Integration

Have an important email that contains critical information about issues, an asset or insights? Now you can easily push e-mails to any entity (Issue, Asset, Insight, etc.) in WellTender using our Outlook Plug-In app. Any attachments included with the email can be easily uploaded as well. This should significantly help with communication and change management with promoting more seamless integrations with existing communication channels today.

JUNE 2022

• Dialogue Refactoring

The dialogue engine and social interactions on the platform have been refactored to make the process more streamlined. Wide-screen posts are now available, and users can tag users or assets, connect conversations across the platform, and attach documentation to chats or assets, creating a transparent and organized way to improve knowledge management.

• Asset Health Level
• Issue Tagging
• AI ResNetBot

MAY 2022

• Activity Center

Aligning to our mission “Unite the Field and Office,” the Activity Center is a platform that allows users to customize and cultivate conversations around assets, colleagues, and operations they want to follow, with the ability to tag users and entities, attach documentation, and receive alerts for specific routes or user groups, thus improving communication and organization across the entire company.

• Issue Creation
• Notification Center

The energy industry is undergoing a profound transformation, and at ResNet, we are proud to be at the forefront of this revolution. Our commitment to innovation, our mission “Unite the Field and Office”, our clients' evolving needs, and a sustainable future drive us to relentlessly push the boundaries of what ResNet can achieve. Join us as we continue to shape the future of energy and embark on a journey of unparalleled innovation and value creation.


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